Crazy Coyote

What’s for dinner?

Coyote removal job. Coyotes can be extremely elusive. They are predators and coyotes are used to preying on other animals for food. So when you set up a coyote trap you have to be aware of this.

I made sure that I didn’t leave any of my human scent on the traps or the bait. If they can smell you on the trap, chances are they aren’t going into them. Also, I was very sure that I set the trap in a place that was kind of hidden yet accessible. This way, they still think that they’ve found the food and it wasn’t left for them. After I did the               inspection, consult and set up of the traps I left very happy with what I did.

I had a very strong feeling that I was going to catch the culprit(s) responsible for killing my customers dog. Sure enough, the very next day I had a coyote pickup in my box. The customer actually called and left a message at around midnight letting me know how happy she was that we caught it. I explained to her that there might be others and we actually ended up catching one more. Catching a coyote is a feat in itself because of how smart they are.

So I did what anyone else would do. I took a bunch of photos with it and bragged about it for a week. Our other technicians did not find it as amusing as I did. But it sure felt great. And now our customer can go get a dog and not worry about potential dangers lurking around.

Until next time,

Trapper Vic