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Animal Removal Napa CountyNapa County animal control and removal is your solution to any wildlife problem you may experience in Northern California. We are a private organization that will provide you with expert results for Napa County humane animal trapping, live animal removal, animal carcass removal, pest control, bird control, raccoon control, skunk control, opossum control, coyote control, gopher and mole control, pigeon control, rodent removal, feral cat control, snake control, squirrel control, location and removal of dead animals in Napa County, and any other nuisance animal problem you may experience.

Napa County animal control and removal is not limited to Napa County, we have over twenty years of experience servicing all of Northern and Southern california. Our company is also well known for Los Angeles animal control and removal, Riverside animal control and removal, San Bernardino animal control and removal, Ventura animal control and removal, and San Diego animal control and removal.

Napa County Animal removalWant to know if we service your area? Feel free to contact us directly at (877)724-5314, for a free estimate. In addition to animal exclusion, we also provide services for clean up, removal, and decontamination of animal denning material and feces, complete odor removal, expert repairs, custom trap sales and rentals, rodent exterminating, and completely organic pest control. In November of 2009, All City Animal trapping was asked by Newport Beach animal control to be apart of the Paws of the Planet event. We had our animal expert, Matt Klewan on site to answer any questions that the community had in regard to wildlife. Matt was joined by our company mascot, Stinky the life size skunk!

A family recently contacted us about an animal problem they were having in their backyard. This family had recently purchased a big, beautiful, new home and built a great big coy pond in the backyard, and invested in some huge coy fish. Within a month, the man of the house started noticing that the population of coy fish was slowly dwindling down. He was finding the fish in bushes around the yard with their innards missing. We knew right off the bat that we were dealing with some hungry raccoons, they are notorious for hunting coy fish from ponds. We set up a couple traps around the pond as an easy bait for the coons. We also made a galvanized metal, raccoon proof cover for his pond. This would provide safety for the fish and still be somewhat aesthetically pleasing to the family and their guests.

Animal Removal Napa CountySure enough we trapped and removed seven raccoons at this property. Typically raccoons don't travel in pacts this large but we are certain that this coy pond was attracting more than one family of these carnivores. Seafood is a delicacy for Raccoons, and an easily accessible coy pond basically provides an open invite to the neighboring wildlife for a gourmet feast. Can you blame them for taking advantage? This family had great intentions for their new home decor, yet they were unaware of the wildlife situation they were moving into. They were in need of some habitat re-modification to ensure that this raccoon intrusion would not be a reoccurring problem.

At Napa County animal control and removal we won't just remove the immediate wildlife problem, we can provide you with a complete analysis of your property and suggest any necessary animal proofing modifications to prevent a future problem. We are staffed with only the best licensed expert trappers, we work 7 days a week, and we offer a 24/7 emergency service because we know that animal intrusions are not limited to normal business hours. Call us today for a pest free tomorrow!

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We specialize in expert animal removal and wildlife animal control. We trap all urban wildlife in our humane animal traps. Pesky animals can cause a lot of damage and we have many animal prevention techniques that will stop those pests and animals from entering your home. Animals on wires? No problem! Our exclusion techniques will not only stop that animal from entering your property, but will also stop all the diseases & parasites those critters can carry. With our expert animal damage control specialists and our All City Animal Trapping animal specialists,  animal capture is not a problem. Animal control, animal rescue, animal removal, our animal removal specialists, animal removal technicians, and wildlife specialists will solve your animal problems. Control critters, critter removal, wildlife rescue, wildlife trapping, live animal or dead animal, pressure washing, wildlife management, we do it all!

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